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DJ Scotty Thomson

DJ Scotty Thomson interview with ChicagoPride.com

Thu. June 21, 2007  by Bill Pritchard

DJ Scotty Thomson
If I only knew what the Delta Sisters (deltamarine.com) were getting me into! It was about eight years ago when Trisha, Michelle, and Sunday introduced to a really sweet guy named Scotty Thomson. DAMN, did we have a blast that evening; and we've kept in touch ever since. To my great joy, Scotty has risen the ranks to become one of the most sought after (and HOT) new DJ's!

With a scheduled appearance at Chicago's Hydrate Nightclub on June 22nd, I was able to chat with Scotty about his career, his goals, music, mentors and future.

BP: How long have you been DJ'ing?

ST: Full time, about two years. It was more of a side thing for me before. I bought my first record in 1999 (BIG LOVE), but didn't really start trying to mix for a couple years after that. Eventually I was convinced to leave corporate life at Gucci Group and follow my dream!

BP: You've been quite busy in the last few years. What events have you played?

ST: For the first few years of my DJ'ing, I stayed in NYC. I was resident at Limelight (now known at AVALON) for a couple years, in addition to holding a spot at the famous bar "XL". The last two years has brought me to huge parties in Kuala Lumpur, Paris (Club Queen), Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Tel Aviv, Russia, White Party Miami, Las Vegas (KRAVE), Miami (SCORE), Atlanta, Gay Days Orlando.

I also held residency at the now closed "Nation" in D.C.

I've also recently started a new Friday party in NYC at HK Lounge.

BP: How busy does this keep you?

ST: I've been fortunate to be pretty busy. I've been traveling almost every weekend the last two years. I couldn't be more thankful to visit exotic places all over the country and world to spread my sound. Sometimes work can seem inconsistent, but that is the nature of the business. Sometimes I'm never home, and sometimes I have too much time on my hands.

BP: Where would you like to see yourself in the next year?

ST: I LOVE traveling, so anywhere over seas is GREAT. I'm dying to hit Australia and more of Europe. I'm working on my return to Paris, Asia and Tel Aviv as well as my first gig in London.

Of course, I really want to hit more circuit parties in the USA... SO WATCH OUT FOR ME!

BP: What makes you choose the music you use?

ST: I tend to look for music that is more on the classic sounding side. Deeper bass lines, catchy synths and quality vocals. I strive to make every one of my sets unique and edgy. I don't always play top-40 remixes, as I believe they can be quite shallow and mindless. Don't get me wrong, cuz I will play them if the production, lyrics, etc are good, but I refuse to play songs just because they are on the radio. A majority of my records come from Europe (I have to get them shipped in from London... YES, I still spin 90% vinyl) so I find myself bringing a lot of tracks to my crowd of which they normally wouldn't have been exposed... at least not for many months when they finally come out digitally.

BP: Who are your idols in the business?

ST: That's a very tough question. I have many DJ's who inspired me... Junior Vasquez, Victor Calderone, Danny Tenaglia, James Andersen, but I really think my first love of music was molded by listening to Blondie, The Specials, Bob Marley, Technotronic, Dee-Lite and the B52's, to name a few.

BP: Where can people hear/purchase your music?

ST: Actually, everyone can download my live sets for free on my website. You simply have to register in the MUSIC section. www.scottyt.com

BP: After Chicago, where are you heading off to next?

ST: Montreal. I can't wait, they really know how to enjoy house in that city.

BP: We can't wait to hear your work in Chicago!

ChicagoPride.com sponsors the Hydrate Late Night Dance Party this Friday with DJ Scotty Thomson. You'll enjoy this awesome DJ and did I mention that he's HOT?!?

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Interviewed by Bill Pritchard