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Benjamin Bradley and Ethan Reynolds

Benjamin Bradley and Ethan Reynolds interview with ChicagoPride.com

Thu. February 8, 2007  by Justin Boltz

Benjamin Bradley and Ethan Reynolds
Meet Benethan: An Interview with gay power couple Ethan Reynolds and Benjamin Bradley.

More over Lance and Reichen, make way for Benethan! That’s my cute little nickname for celebrity blogger, Ethan Reynolds, and his boyfriend, Rascal Porn Exclusive, Benjamin Bradley. The beefy twosome took a minute to answer my ridiculous inquiries into their personal life as well as give me lowdown on their club tour. Pay attention, these guys will be the new talk of the town. They’re giving the community a new image of

gay boys in love, and man is that image pretty.

JB: Why did you guys pick Chicago to drop down in for a show?

BE: (Benjamin) I have only been to Chicago once and that was last summer. It was an in and out visit to see Madonna. I’ve been wanting to return and now I have the perfect chance. We jumped at the chance when Hunters asked us. However, I hear the temperature is like 30 below zero, which scares me a little bit. I don’t want to flash freeze going from the car to the club!

JB: What are ya’ll going to be doing at you appearance at Hunters.

BE: (Benjamin) We’ll be dancing, and the meet and greet stuff. And hopefully making some new friends!

JB: What’s you’re favorite thing about Benjamin?

BE: (Ethan) His laugh. His kindness. His heart and compassion. It's hard to point out one particular thing when its all the stuff that makes him who he is.

JB: Benjamin, what’s you’re favorite thing about Ethan?

BE: (Benjamin) My favorite thing about Ethan is that he helps me be very grounded. I am kind of crazy and goofy. Ethan tends to be more reserved and on guard and I need to be more like that. He is the yin and I am the yang, and it works really well.

JB: Whose more high maintenance?

BE: (Ethan) Definitely Ben. But SHHHH...don't tell him.

He will say I am. It’s a challenge sometimes when we are sharing the bathroom. But I think we have a pretty good routine now.

JB: Have you guys down the “meet the parents” schtick yet?

BE: (Benjamin) Both my parents have met Ethan several times and absolutely love him. They want him to be their son in law. I have not met Ethan’s parents, but that isn’t an option as he is not in close contact with them.

JB: Ben, if not you then who do you think deserves "performer of the year" at this year’s GayVN?

BE: (Benjamin) I have worked really hard to create an image for myself, one that separates me from the typical Porn Star public image. I want to show the industry that it’s HOT to have standards. Being in the industry for two years now, I have seen the paths that many porn stars have taken. It’s a dark world that will consume you, and I have managed to steer clear from it and come out on top. That said, I feel like I deserve the award.

JB: So Ethan, I have to ask you, when you first met Benjamin, was the fact that he was a porn star originally deter you from starting a relationship?

BE: (Ethan) It took a lot of talking between us. There were some things I needed to understand and now I do. It’s just his job.

JB: Is there a porn career in your future?

BE: (Ethan) Nope. No one has made an offer anyways. What does that tell you?

JB: What are you guys working on next?

BE: I think the question should be what AREN’T we working on. We are tackling so many projects at this point that I think my head is beginning to spin. We are hosting parties on the RSVP Caribbean cruise.

JB: Tell me about ProjectBE.

BE: (Benjamin) ProjectBE started when Ethan and I realized we want to change the way the gay community is portrayed. We wanted to combine our talents and energy into creating something to give back to our peers to show them that hard work and determination can take you far. It’s about being your best and staying focused. Our club tour is only the beginning. We have so much more that we are planning to unveil.

JB: Ethan, how has Bratboyschool.com taken off since you first started it?

BE: (Ehtan) Oh wow. That’s a tough question. There has been so much going on since I first started that sometimes I actually go back to the archives and compare. I can’t tell you how happy I am that people actually have found my website and continue to visit. It’s been a roller coaster of a ride and I am pleased that someone is with me for the ride!

Ethan Reynolds and Benjamin Bradley make a stop in Chicago at Hunters February 15th to do a little dance and make a little love. (Event Details)

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Interviewed by Justin Boltz