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Amy and Freddy

Amy and Freddy interview with ChicagoPride.com

Tue. December 5, 2006  by Bill Pritchard

Amy and Freddy
Anyone who lives in Chicago definitely knows what it means when they see that Amy and Freddy will be performing! I was fortunate to meet them upon my arrival in Chicago back in 2001. Both Freddy and Amy reached out to me. I not only count them as some of the most talented performers that I’ve seen but as two of my dearest friends!

I had the opportunity to talk with them about their new CD, "Feeling Good", and some of the reasons why they do what they do.

BP: Individually, how did you get started in the music business?

A&F: (Amy) I was singing since I was a baby. My parents were always supportive. My first “gig” was at my 2nd grade spaghetti dinner. I was a big hit, and I got free spaghetti.

A&F: (Freddy) My Grandparents were in the business. I always knew I wanted to perform. I started playing in Restaurants, bars and honky tonks when I was 12 years old.

BP: Other than me, who is your greatest inspiration?

A&F: (Amy) My Mother! She was my best friend, my mentor, and my biggest fan. I was always a tall big girl, and had trouble “fitting in”. My Mother said “One day those people who make fun of you, will stand up and cheer for you!” She was right!

A&F: (Freddy) My Angels who continually give me signs that I am in the right business. Here on Earth, it’s probably Harry Connick, Jr. and Dolly Parton.

BP: What is your favorite type of music to perform?

A&F: (Amy) I love R&B and soul.

Freddy and I can perform any style of music from country to classic, show tunes to ballads.

A&F: (Freddy) I love to play jazz, but Amy has really turned me on to R&B. I guess I like to play all types of music as long as it’s good.

BP: You both are very popular in the LGBT community. What is it about our community that keeps you so involved?

A&F: (Amy) I love Chicago because of the support and love. People are loyal fans here; we have people have seen us since we started! (And that’s eleven years ago!)

A&F: (Freddy) The community’s continued support. As long as they want to hear us and see us perform – we won’t stop.

BP: What is it about the other that makes you such a great team?

A&F: (Amy) We understand one another. We are like a well oiled machine. We are family to one another. We both love to share our music and it shows.

A&F: (Freddy) Fate, Chemistry and love! We have been together for eleven years. She is like my sister. How could I not love to work with someone that I love and respect as much as Amy!?

BP: In all of your travels, what has been your favorite place?

A&F: (Amy) My favorite place is Puerto Vallarta and Barbados. When we are on the cruise ship we have a blast. I love traveling, but I love my home.

A&F: (Freddy) Anywhere that is warm and tropical. The cruise ships are a blast. Europe was great too. My favorite place to be is here at home in Chicago.

BP: In your new CD "Feeling Good", what was your inspiration and reason for picking the songs that you did?

A&F: (Amy) We are both in great places right now. I have been happily married now for seven years and now Freddy is getting married in April of 2007. We both have found love and our careers are taking off. How could I no be "Feeling Good"?!

A&F: (Freddy) Those are our favorite songs.

BP: What is your favorite libation?

A&F: (Amy) Cosmopolitan made with Effen raspberry vodka at Roscoe’s! (An icon establishment here in Chicago’s Boystown.)

A&F: (Freddy) Grand Marnier, of course!

BP: What about Chicago do you love the most?

A&F: (Amy) It is a big city but with a touch of Suburban charm. The people are friendly and I love being near the lake.

A&F: (Freddy) The people are fun and friendly. I also feel very comfortable being an out gay man here!

BP: What would you say to a Boystown visitor is the best thing about our community?

A&F: (Amy) We have it all! Whatever type of music or entertainment you want is here! Oh yes, and the booze is always flowing!

A&F: (Freddy) Whatever you are looking for you can find right here.

BP: What is your greatest desire to achieve with you music career?

A&F: (Amy) I would like to keep traveling, make CD’s every couple of years, and keep doing what I love: ENTERTAINING AND MAKING PEOPLE LAUGH!

A&F: (Freddy) A Grammy would be nice; but longevity in my career is extremely important to me.

And entertain us they do! Amy and Freddy can be found all over the city of Chicago. Most notably at Roscoe’s, 3356 N Halsted and Atmosphere, 5355 N Clark.

If you are in the Chicago area you can catch Amy and Freddy in “How the Diva Stole Christmas” a new after-hours musical comedy holiday revue, Dec. 1 – 15 at Lakeshore Theater. (Event Details)

Interviewed by Bill Pritchard