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Jack E. Jett

Jack E. Jett interview with ChicagoPride.com

Mon. October 30, 2006  by Jorge Treviano

Jack E. Jett
ADVISORY: This interview contains offensive and explicit language and is intended for adult audiences only. Click here to return to the main page if you are offended by such material.


Comedien Jack E. Jett Launches New Gay Internet TV Channel

When the first of the nation’s three gay networks collapsed earlier this year, it was Jack E. Jett who spilled the beans to press about the in-house corruption at Q Television. The host of the channel’s most popular show spoke out against the network’s mismanagement, calling the executives “inexperienced” and blaming them for missing funds.

Jack E. Jett attempted to jump ship to one of the other gay channels. He met with Logo, Bravo and Here!TV and was rejected by all of them. So Jett did what any self proclaimed aging gasbag who refuses to be silenced would do. He launched his own network and called it FU-TV, flipping the bird at the suits who discarded him.

The Internet’s first gay TV channel begins airing Monday, October 30 at JackEJett.com. The television host and newest network head says FU-TV will offer insightful programming that gays will enjoy. More importantly, he promises there will be no re-runs of Torch Song Trilogy or To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar.

JT: Why does gay TV suck so much?

Jett: First of all, I always get confused on the word “suck”. I happen to think sucking is a good thing, it is what I do best. However, suck has a bad connotation as well. The recent spat of outed republicans proves that a man can suck in a good way and suck in a bad way.

JT: So, why does gay TV suck like a republican?

Jett: Q Television had a plan to be totally independent and it didn’t work because they did not have the proper financing. The money they did have seemed to disappear, like a cucumber at a nun’s convention. This was a big bummer for gay couch potatoes in America. Without this independent entity, the corporate world took control. LOGO seems to care more about making connections/buy ins/deals with all the major gay publications instead of creating some kick ass programs. To me, it seems like, hey, if we buy enough gay press and kiss all the right gay ass, we don’t have to worry about creating entertainment for the GLBT community. I mean, if you have your d*ck up the ass of every major gay publication and gay watchdog group, you can rest assured you will not get a bad review. It is all a bit too incestuous to me.

On the other hand, Here! TV seems to be taking a more aggressive approach in finding outstanding programming concepts for the GLBT community. I can say this without prejudice, as I have been kicked to the curb by both LOGO and Here! TV. Here! TV has an incredible programming department that seems to be constantly and consistently looking for shows that do not conform to the hetero view of homo tv.

JT: In past interviews, you’ve said that gay TV is falling victim to “Viacomization”. What is that?

Jett: Viacomization sounds like a flu shot. It could just as easily be the Murdochization. It is when someone, or some group, has enough money to purchase every sum of that industry. If I owned a lumber company, I might then purchase a nail company, a construction company, a magazine about lumber, a training school for construction workers, and so on. What you end up with is a huge conglomerate. As a consumer, it doesn’t make the lumber any better, if anything it takes their focus away from the lumber. I say, if you own a lumber company, make the best f*cking boards you can. Create a board that is less likely to fall in a hurricane. Create the most fabulous board of all time; a board that is just begging to get nailed.

JT: Would this explain why crummy shows like LOGO’s Nemesis Rising gets such great press?

Jett: I have never seen the show. Has anyone seen it other than people in the press or anyone not associated with LOGO?

So I can’t really give an honest assessment on it. What I can tell you is that LOGO has a big enough publicity machine and own enough gay press that we (the GLBT community) will like it whether we know it or not. If LOGO is paying your magazine tens of thousands of dollars in ad revenue, or owns you, it is doubtful that one is going to bite the hand that feeds it. As I understand, they are Mormons. Are they brothers? Do they have sex with each other? If they are Mormon brothers who sing while having sex, I’ll watch that.

JT: What’s your opinion of Noah’s Arc?

Jett: I saw the first couple of episodes and I wasn’t crazy about it, which is strange because I think those dudes are sex on a stick.

JT: How will FU-TV be different than the other gay channels?

Jett: FU-TV is, like Jack E. Jett, the bottom of the gay TV food chain. However, the importance of being at the bottom of the gay food chain should not be underrated. The bottom always helps the top stay on top. The fun thing is that FU-TV is not really a money making venture. It is a place for filterless programs; shows that bring the underground, above ground. It gives us all a chance to see what maybe only the homos on the west or east coast get to see.

People like Shaye St. John, Punk Bunny, Lenora Claire, and the films of Carl Crew will be contributing some fun, funny and disturbing content.

JT: FU-TV will launch with The Queer Edge and your first guest is Reichen Lemekuhl.

Jett: Yes, Reichen is probably one of the most gorgeous gay men in recent history. I worked with him at Q Television. One wants to dislike him for being so f*cking beautiful. However, I was chatting with him one day and I thought this guy is really centered in a spiritual way, and I always admire people like that. I am always taken with people that are so comfortable in their skin. Of course, if I was in his skin I would be comfortable too. Sometimes people confuse this comfort with arrogance. Does he know he is beautiful? Yes, I think so.

JT: How do you feel about the recent controversy surrounding Reichen and Lance Bass being honored by the Human Rights Campaign

with “The Visibility Award”?

Jett: As much as I like Reichen, I think this award was a big f*cking sh*t farce.

How f*cking dare the HRC take the money of GLBT and turn around and give an award to someone who came out of the closet five minutes ago? Are they (HRC) not aware off all the people in the trenches making things better for the GLBT community? I can name fifty people who deserved that award over them. Unfortunately, these people are not attractive, or they’re not well known celebrities. I have far more respect for people who are out and create a career than those that hide in the closet until award time. Someone needs to watch the watchdogs. Next year they will probably give the award to Mark Foley for being such a pioneer as long as he brings Scarlett Johansen to the ceremony. I am sorry, but this sucks, in a republican way, big time.

JT: Will you read Reichen’s new book?

Jett: No, I doubt it. I am currently reading the new Frank Rich book. Then next is Andrew Sullivan. I will wait for Lifetime to do the movie on Reichen and Lance.

JT: Also appearing on the first The Queer Edge show are the Wau Wau Sisters from the new film, Shortbus.

For those not familiar, what can you tell us about them?

Jett: These chicks are so cool. To me, they represent the core of the New York City bottomless talent pool. They not only offend everyone, but they turn them on as well. The first time I saw them do the act on the cross, I remember thinking, they are going to have a special place in hell. I think every straight guy on our crew had a hard on. I even think I had a bit of a soft on. That is exactly what I want FU-TV to be about, giving exposure to acts that are both disturbing and entertaining.

JT: Have you seen Shortbus?

Jett: I haven’t seen the movie. I know that the network that I worked for, Q Television, invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in this production and then left over 100 employees without pay. I hope Cameron Mitchell and company will see that Q Television gets reimbursed so myself and Michael Musto can buy some food. If nothing else, I hope I get a free box of milk duds or junior mints at the theatre. I like any artist that keeps pushing the envelope and I love it that Mr. Mitchell has pushed it this far.

JT: Please give us the 411, according to Jack, on the following gay icons of 2006:

JT: Lance Bass

Jett: Lance Bass is not a gay icon. He was in a boy band and while he couldn’t go to outer space, he could come out after being outed. Now that he is Outasync, let’s see what he does for the gay community before we designate him our leader.

JT: Rosie O’Donnell

Jett: I love Rosie. She is f*cking fearless. I am so envious of someone that has reached a point where she can say what she really feels and not suffer at the hands of fools. I’m not crazy that she waited so long to come out, and that Tom Cruise love fest made me nauseous, but she has more than made up for lost time.

JT: Ellen DeGeneres

Jett: Ellen is probably one of the most amazing talents in the world. She is a great interviewer. She became so OUT that she is now IN. Funny as hell.

JT: Governer McGreevey

Jett: I would have loved to have had the opportunity to bl*w him at a rest stop. I use to be such a star f*cker and I can’t think of anything hotter than doing the governor through a glory hole. He had some bad timing on the release of his book. It seems to have been lost in the shuffle. He is erratically photogenic.

Sometimes he takes a great photo and sometimes he takes a really, really bad shot. I always wonder what he really looks like. Of course, if I were bl*wing him at a truck stop, I wouldn’t care.

JT: Jack E. Jett

Jett: Jack E. Jett use to be attractive but he’s not anymore. He is an aging TV gasbag that has a great sense of humor about being jaded and bitter. Jack E. Jett is fascinated with people who live on the edge and truly believes that all men are created equal. Married in a monogamous relationship for 15 years, Mr. Jett loves his dogs more than life itself.

I have heard that he has an 11 inch penis, and even though he has a face to protect it, he rarely allows it to be seen in public. He is sitting by the phone waiting for LOGO to phone him to star in a new vehicle entitled NOT WITHOUT POPPERS!

FU-TV launches Monday, October 30th.

For more information on Jack E. Jett and FU-TV, go to www.jackejett.com.

Interviewed by Jorge Treviano