Gay Pride Cocktails

Fri. June 21, 2013 7:15 AM by News Staff

Pride cocktails perfected by Halsted Vodka

Now you can celebrate Chicago Pride Week and prepare for the 44th annaul Chicago Pride Parade with some fun new cocktails and give back to LGBT causes all at the same time. has teamed up with Halsted Vodka to create a series of Gay Pride Cocktails that are just the thing for a get together with friends. 

All of the drinks are made with Halsted Vodka, Chicago's newest craft spirit, which was founded to champion gay rights. Halsted Vodka gives 15% of it's profits to local LGBT groups that focus on community building efforts. So every time you buy a drink or a bottle you are giving back to the community.

RED : The Halsted Rock (created by The Public)

The term 'movie star' could have been invented for Rock Hudson. The looks, the charm, the red carpet lifestyle. He had it all except for one thing: his own cocktail. So now there's the Halsted Rock, made with lychee and a dash of Prosecco – it would grace a red carpet anywhere.

2 oz Halsted Vodka

2 oz raspberry lychee liqueur / fresh fruit puree

Dash of Prosecco

Shake the Halsted Vodka, raspberry and lychee over ice and serve in a martini glass with a prosecco top.

ORANGE : The Halsted Frida

Our version of Mexico's most famous cocktail is inspired by it's most famous artistic daughter. And like her, we do it our way, the Frida Kahlo is a special low calorie vodkarita.

2 oz Halsted Vodka

2 oz orange juice

2 oz calorie free orange soda

2 oz club soda

Juice of half a lime

Slice of orange for garnish

Shake the Halsted Vodka and juices on ice. Pour into a tall glass with rocks and finish with the sodas and garnish.

YELLOW : The Halsted Yellow Submarine

Would the Beatles have become the biggest band ever without Brian Epstein? One thing's for sure, Brian had his own type of genius. So order a Halsted Yellow Submarine, made with freshly squeezed lemon and Triple Sec, and say thanks for his role in bringing us such amazing music.

2 oz Halsted Vodka

1 lemon, quartered

½ oz limoncello

2 teaspoon superfine sugar

Candied lemon or lemon peel garnish

Muddle the lemon, sugar and Halsted Vodka. Add the limoncello. Shake on ice and serve in a shot glass and garnish.

GREEN : The Halsted Wilde (created by Sidetrack)

Dear Oscar's drinks were champagne and Absinthe. Taking those as inspiration, we've created a new cocktail with hints of melon and ginger. As Wilde once said 'Art begins where imitation ends'.

1 ½ oz Halsted Vodka

½ oz Midori

1 oz lemonade

¼ oz simple syrup

A splash of Ginger Ale

Pineapple leaf or Melon garnish

Shake the Halsted Vodka, Midori, simple syrup and lemonade over ice and serve in a martini glass. Top with the Ginger Ale and garnish.

BLUE : The Halsted Luther (created by Mao Tai, London)

There's never too much Luther Vandross on our iPod. And the smoothest voice in music deserves the smoothest cocktail in the bar. Made with Halsted Vodka mixed with exotic flavors of lychee and blue Curacao, the Halsted Luther slips down as easy as your favorite love song. Don't say give me a reason, order one now.

2 oz Halsted Vodka

1 oz lychee puree

¼ oz Blue Curacao

Shake the Halsted Vodka, lychee puree and Blue Curacao in a cocktail shaker and serve on ice in a rocks glass.

VIOLET : The Halsted Taylor

The queen of the screen, Elizabeth Taylor lit up our lives for over sixty years. She also supported our community when many were afraid to. The Halsted Taylor is a stylish mix of Halsted Vodka, Crème de Violet and Citrus, creating a drink reminiscent of her unique and dazzling violet eyes.

2 oz Halsted Vodka

1 oz Crème de Violet (NB. Chambord or Crème de Cassis good alternatives)

Dash of lemon juice


Pour the Halsted Vodka and Crème de Violet into a tall glass with ice. Mix. Add the lemon juice and top with lemonade.

Halsted Vodka launched in Chicago just three months ago and is being poured by bartenders at a number of bars and restaurants including Sidetrack, Minibar, Hydrate, The GlenwoodLady Gregory's and Wood Chicago. Halsted's Bar and Grill was one of the very first bars to offer Halsted Vodka. Although the two share a similar name they are only connected through a love of excellent vodka and a commitment to LGBT causes. 

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