Dan Slater: Cycling For A Cause

Sun. November 14, 2021 9:48 AM by Ross Forman

Popular DJ Dan Slater talks about the SMART Ride, returning to Chicago on Dec. 11

Dan Slater, the Miami-based DJ of international fame with the sculpted physique, started bike riding in 2020. One day at the beach, friends mentioned the annual SMART Ride to him, as it is the southern-most HIV/AIDS Ride that started in 2003 and gives 100 percent of every dollar its participants raise to AIDS Service Organizations throughout Florida.

He registered that night.

Now it’s go-time.

Slater is among hundreds set to cycle Nov. 18-19 from Miami to Key West.

Since 2003, more than $12.4 million has been raised through The SMART Ride and 100 percent of it returned to help those infected, affected or at risk for HIV and AIDS in Florida.

SMART Ride is now the second-largest AIDS bicycle ride in the country, and the only one of its size to give back 100 percent. As of November 2, more than $800,000 had been raised.

Slater is filled with emotions: “Excited, nervous, anxious, but more than anything, grateful to do it,” he said.

Training, Slater said, “has been tough, but I have really enjoyed being on the bike and seeing different parts of Miami.”

He also has been actively fundraising: www.thesmartride.org/smart-ride-2019/6603.

The training has been impacted by his DJ schedule around the world.

“I’ve had to make sure I’ve been riding during the week, and if I did have a weekend off, we would make sure we did a longer ride,” he said.

The SMART Ride marks the first time Slater has cycled 160 miles.

Slater returns to Chicago on Saturday night, Dec. 11, spinning at Hydrate Nightclub in Lakeview. “I always love playing in Chicago. It’s one of my favorite cities. (Hydrate owner) Mark (Liberson) and the Hydrate family are amazing,” Slater said.

His Chicago gigs always include new dining adventures. “I love eating,” he said, laughing.

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