Marvette Devo and Frida Mentira, partners in drag

Thu. October 10, 2019 3:56 PM by Ross Forman

They walked around during Market Days in August in their match pink wigs, inspired by the family resemblance episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race, when contestants are challenged to look as alike and collective as possible. 

"We wanted to create an urban, casual look with fresh fashion," said Frida Mentira. "It was different this year because we use it to network and get contacts rather than party, (as was the case) this year."

Marvette Devo added, "It's one of my favorite festivals in Chicago ...the talent is always on point."

Devo, 36, who lives in Chicago and is originally from Memphis, runs The Marv Show LLC. His partner is Mentira, 40, who lives in South Bend, Ind., and is self-employed.

They are partners in drag, and out.

"We both have different messages with our (drag). However, together we express a united message of humanity," said Mentira, from Guadalajara, Mexico – land of the tequila, as she boasts.

"The first three months of us doing makeup, we looked silly, but learned," Devo said.

After all, they don't have an official Drag Mother, "so we teach each other everything ...and the goal is have as much fun as possible," Mentira said.

And it seems to be working.

Devo performs at Jackhammer on Monday nights, at Scarlet every fourth Thursday (Synergy), and at Hamburger Mary's (Let's Make A Drag Queen).

Devo truly is a showgirl. She performs at different clubs, bars and private events. Also, she produces different shows under the entity, Somethin Sickening.

Mentira is a regular at Jackhammer.

Mentira was created "to represent the system lines that we all live and let others know to find your own path and special journey," she said.

Mentira and Devo met online and had a simple, classic first-date: dinner and drinks.

"Marvin invited me for dinner at his place," Mentira said. "When I showed up, he was playing bachata and making tacos. I was like (skeptical), but quickly found out that that is just who he is. He has a great appreciation for Latin culture and food. He is a great dancer, too!"

They now have a commuter relationship, but make it work, Devo said.

"We are two friends having fun," Mentira said.

On Stage With ...Marvette Devo

Hobbies: Singer/songwriter, rapper, actor, producer/organizer

Passions: Music and art

Favorite Chicago restaurant: Uvae

Favorite Chicago bar: Second Story

Drink of choice at a bar: Tequila & Soda

Little-known fact: "She is fabulous."

On Stage With ...Frida Mentira

Hobbies: Clothing design, volleyball and makeup 

Passions: Spirituality

Favorite Chicago bar: The Glenwood

Drink of choice at a bar: Tequila & Pineapple