I'll show you mine if you show me yours

31 years old, new to Chicagoland, desperate for signs of gay life in Evanston. I'm in search of new friends, hot tricks, a cruisy gym and a decent burrito.

Likes: Smart guys, dirty mouths, outdoorsy types, show offs, big brothers, pretty faces, well placed tattoos, non-monogamists, public sex

Turn-offs: cigarettes, cats, bad driving, sweat, stories that start with "this one time i was so drunk..."



Film, architecture, cooking, maps, cycling, dogs, drag shows, kayaks, smart guys, pretty faces, houseplants, street fairs, holidays, modern design, non-fiction.

Favorite movies

I'll watch everything except slasher flicks.

Favorite music

Public radio, classic rock, club trash, bluegrass.

Favorite food

Only curries make me sick. And sometimes saffron. I could eat a California-style burrito everyday of my life.

Favorite TV shows

Top Chef, Project Runway, American Idol, The Daily Show, The Office, The Simpsons