Love me or hate me...Either way you are thinking about me

I have gone through a lot and been through many changes just within the past year. Some of you will think I'm dead quiet, others will struggle to get me to shut up. I have my moments of being extremely cliche, but the only standards I conform to are my own.I need my independence. I love being around other people, but I do need quiet time.The personality traits I find to be detering are narcissism and arrogance.I always have my two cents on the important issues, and I expect you to have an opinion as well.Nights out can be fun, but there is nothing that compares to a quiet night a home.Credit needs to be given when it is due, even to a competitor.Loyalty is a must. Things just aren't right without it.I generally have too many things on my plate, but it's all stuff that interests me. Part of my life has to have a regime without becoming extremely dull and boring. Aspects of me are extremely difficult to please, others are just that easy they may as well be written on my forehead.Each year will always be the best, no matter what.Others having food on the table is more important than having food on my own.Indivualism and diversity are two traits that I highly regard.

Okay, I am a 20 year old gay male looking for another gay male (who is secure in his sexuality) between the ages of 18 and 30. I am preferably looking for someone who I can get together with for fun times (including movies, dinner, and just going out along with the "naughty bedroom" fun). Yes, I would like to have a long term relationship, but if I were to meet someone who I had fun with and enjoyed their company, I will be just as happy with a slow start....meaning if we just go out once in a while and have fun, and it eventually leads into long term, I am cool with that. Typically I am attracted to men that are shorter than I, so between 5'5 and 6'2...but if you are dreamy and happen to be taller than me, that is fine by me. I tend to like blonde haired men, but I am not picky. I like men that are slim (swimmerbuild) to athletic build. If you have a few extra pounds, that is okay.Yes, I love blue eyes, but any will do. Just like anyone, I am looking for someone who is attractive....he doesn't have to be princecharming, but good looks are key. If you have ever seen "Queer as Folk", then you know who Justin is....that is typically my type. (But Brian is just as fine.) As far as personality goes, I look for someone who is like me....caring, romantic, thoughtful, funny (I love to laugh), sensitive (when the time is right), and outgoing. I love animals, so if you are one of those types who hates animals, no need to reply to my ad. I want a man who is active in going out and experiencing life and trying new things. I love downtown Chicago, and would love to have someone to go with.

Likes: I'd have to say theres something about a mans hands.

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Favorite movies

Die Hard (1,2,3,and 4), Step Mom, Bangger Sisters, 1st Wifes Club, Tommy Boy, Milk Money, and Training Day.

Favorite music

I really listen to anything.. I love the 80's and I listen to some country. I LOVE, well like want to rape Justin Timerlake, I also listen to alot of Fall Out Boy and Good Charlotte.

Favorite food

I have to say I dont have a favorite food in mind, but I do like all kinds of foods.

Favorite TV shows

Queer as Folk,Will and Grace, NEXT, Roseanne, Strong Medicne,Desprate House Wifes, Law and Order (SVU), and Nip Tuck.





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