Hi My name is Mateusz and i just moved from Chicago 2 months ago. Now i am living in Londonbut Chicago will always be city where i grove up as a gay man... I will always love Chicago and i will be back there some day...

I am Polish guy who was living in Chi-Town for 4 years... Miss Chicago and Boys Town a lot lot lotlot lot ...........

Hope to stay in in contact with people from best town ever...

LOving Chicago

Mateusz :)))))

Its dificult be discret and not telling family and friends about yourself, but i would love to find some one who will be loving and who will be for me when i will need you and i would love to be there for you.

Likes: i like guys older then me from 25-34. biger masculine , loving, cering, who will be there for me when i need him. How is not looking just for sex but something more.


Favorite movies

Brotheres and Sisters :) Juno, Atonment

Favorite music

Depeche Mode, Duran Duran

Favorite food

HULLO POLISH im from Poland lol