if i kiss u itll make the sun go down...

im infinitly more complex than i care to understand

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Likes: i like a guy who knows wat he wants. a guy who is funny and relaxed . a guy who doesnt play games and isnt about just fucking. i want someone who will be genuine with me because i plan on being genuine with him

Turn-offs: assholes or more specifaically guys who think that there shit dont stink...i got no time for ego



working out smokin pot lol painting and in general just having a good ass time

Favorite movies

RRRRREENT i swear ive seen that movie a billion times. its just sooo fuckin good


i love the kill bills

and the first two scary movies(3 and 4 sucked ass)

fear and loathing in las vegas also a good movie

also...waking life,i am legend ,300, scarface,knocked up, finding nemo, and the big lebowski

Favorite music

anything and everything music is amazing

Favorite food



Favorite TV shows

buffy greys anatomy project runway