Poems: Just for me, Just a little bit, Leave

Tue. September 14, 2004 12:00 AM
by Ana

Just for me

Watch her walk, hear her talk
Rounded hips, pouty lips
Magical fingertips

Yes she’s mine but it’s fine
Likes your stares, takes your dares
Has little cares

She’ll smile at you like on cue
But she leaves with me, dreams with me
You don’t worry me

She smiles at you but laughs with me
Touches you but caresses me
Blows you a kiss but plants them on me

Go ahead, envy me

Just a little bit

When I’m alone I think of you
You don’t care but what can I do?
The thought of your touch…
I’m not asking for much
Let me hold you
Just hold you
Make you lunch…
Buy you brunch
Sights of you are too few
Would give lots just to see you

Can’t handle very much anyway
You’d kiss me and I’d float away
Float away in the breeze
You’d control me with ease
Come sit close, say you’ll stay
It’ll take one second to make my day


Your games tire me
Your negativity drowns me
Your weakness sickens me
Your evilness frightens me

You say one thing mean another
Say you care then laugh at my dreams
Say I look beautiful but…

Go away, loose the map
I don’t need you to climb to the top
You weigh me down with your ugly words
All nasty and mean and prickly like swords

What little I had made me sad
So you’ll leave, now I’m glad
Filled with poison and rot
You disgust me a lot

Leave right now
Leave your key
Leave my soul
Leave the money owe