Poem: Untitled

Tue. July 20, 2004 12:00 AM
by Ana

I can feel the rhythm pumping through me
The need to move puts up a fight
Adrenalin is rushing
My heart is pumping
This rush is making me so high
My head is dizzy with the drinks
While my hand beats on my thigh

The lights are teasing me,
Caressing my body then not
My hips are swaying slowly
The sound tingling on my skin
I touch my body where I feel the need
I know they’re looking but I don’t care
This dance is just for me, but let them stare

The DJ feeds my need with music
I’m in a trance don’t interrupt
Don’t wake me I’m not nearly done
Keep it loud and keep it fast
Give me more and don’t dare stop
I want my legs to burn,
My heart to beat it’s fastest
I want to sweat and drip all night
Each muscle will be flexed, worked and abused

Tomorrow I will wake and my body will be sore
Each flinch of pain will remind me of the night before
The night that doesn’t come often enough
The night that I loose myself
On the dance floor