Debunk the Drunk

Mon. May 7, 2007 12:00 AM
by Jason Paul

Pictures from ChicagoPride.com Editor at Large Jason P. Freeman 's 30th birthday party held in April 2007, depict him blowing out candles on his cake despite evidence, from the same photograph, that there weren't any candles on the cake at all. Representatives for Freeman have stated, "he was just faking it for fun," yet skeptics claim Freeman had overindulged so much on gin that day, he could very well have seen 30 lights burning in front of him.

Countering claims that Freeman was incoherent and off-balance, and later drunk-dialed 13 of his party guests at 1 a.m. with questions ranging from, "Where you at, bitch?" to "Why don't you like me anymore?" officials released a statement reading, "Jason was very moved by the attendance of all his loving friends, and wishes to extend his deepest gratitude to all who celebrated this milestone with him."

However investigative reports found that Freeman had done a fair share of "extending gratitude" during the party itself.

"I haven't seen that much tongue since the last Feast of the Tabernacle I attended," says one party guest, Xander . "Jason is a very hands on and friendly host. At one point someone asked how long we'd been a couple." Xander adds that he and Freeman aren't dating, but nevertheless found the party a great opportunity for making new friends. Xander says he enjoyed accompanying a group of lesbians to a tattoo parlor following the festivities.

Though no specific news of Freeman being found in any compromising drunken positions have turned up, photos from the event appear to have been altered to prevent such reports. Some party images released to the public show Freeman crudely omitted. These allegations are seemingly supported by a statement made by ChicagoPride.com Senior Vice President Bill Pritchard .

"He was oddly excited to introduce me to [another party guest]," Pritchard says. "And when taking a photo of the moment white foam formed along the corner of his mouth, like forgetting to wipe after brushing."
Pritchard wasn't the only attendant who found Freeman overzealous.

"He kept screaming, ‘That's my friend, Matt Fitz! This is my friend Matt Fitz's song!'" says Matt Fitz of his pop single "Selfish" playing during the party's soundtrack, and Freeman's loud recognition of it.

Others thought it peculiar that Freeman was seen wearing a full-length faux fur coat during the majority of the party. It was later found that the coat belonged to Big Girls Eat Cake lead singer Tracy Tyler .

"Jason Freeman was wearing my coat because he wanted to prove that he can make anything look fierce!" says Tyler. Tyler also refers to Freeman's state of mind as being "fabulously flirtatious" and afflicted by "temporary amnesia brought on by celebratory intoxication."

"My most memorable moment was when I turned around to discover the guy I was chatting with disappeared to run off with a pack of lesbians to get tattoos," Tyler adds.

"Well, he couldn't have been that drunk," claims ChicagoPride.com President R. Matthew Inawat . "I figured he was so bombed, he'd never remember that I wasn't there if I told him otherwise. But he totally knew I never showed up—unless someone ratted me out. I bet it was that Bill Pritchard guy."

Yet a rumor acquired from an anonymous server at The Bagel on Broadway claims to have heard Freeman admit to his out-of-town party guests that he was, in fact, that drunk over brunch the afternoon following his birthday bash.

Clutching a mug of coffee and wearing large black sunglasses, Freeman allegedly was heard saying, "It was a great party—wish I was there."