CheSa's Bistro & Bar shines like a star in Avondale

Wed. December 7, 2022 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

CheSa's Bistro & Bar, 3235 West Addison Street located in the heart of the Avondale neighborhood in Chicago finally opened as a storefront restaurant. Previously, chef Chesaree Rollins cooked out of a nearby ghost kitchen with another Nunn in the Oven recently reviewed restaurant named Sfera Sicilian Street Food. These talented entrepreneurs have worked hard to break out on their own and luckily both have been worth the wait in their endeavors.

Now patrons may enjoy a full-service dining room and bar in an artistically decorated space that can easily be transformed to accommodate private events both large and small.

Instead of pursuing a menu that would be expected from a Black female chef, Rollins decided to conquer creole cuisine instead. The owner explained this at a tasting for the newly opened venue, "I didn't want to cook soul food because it is hard to surpass people's personal expectations in that area. They will always compare that to home cooking and what they were raised eating. I wanted to have a unique take with my dishes."

This includes gluten-free offerings and was inspired by healthy eating. That certainly doesn't mean taste-free because the secret is in the spices served up with a cajun style.

This paid off for Rollins as her first curated menu at the new spot displays a wide range of items to explore.

Start off with the wagyu beef sliders with house aioli and melted cheese. The gluten-free bun is dense and may take some time to get used to, but your gut will thank you later. The pork-filled fried hush puppies with also satisfy any craving with just the right amount of crunch.

For lighter fare, try the charcuterie board served with gluten-free crackers right on the side.

For entrees, CheSa's Gumbo is a must-try item with several types of meat mixed into the rice such as chicken, pork and shrimp. Don't sleep on the Cajun Mac & Cheese either and add a little lobster to the five kinds of cheese to warm up on a cold night.

Missing out on the mustard-fried catfish over jambalaya would be a crime so plan to lock down this addicting flavor contained within this favored choice on the menu.

End the experience with a choice from the wine menu and CheSa's signature mousse served with raspberries and a rich, robust taste.

For more information click over to where one can sign up for a reward program and gift cards can be purchased just in time for the holidays.

CheSa's Bar & Bistro brings a southern flavor to the north while hitting all the right notes!