Bar Goa goes in a whole new direction

Tue. December 14, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

Known for its pristine beaches and nightlife scene, Goa is a state located in western India that still contains a heavy Portuguese influence even after being liberated in 1961. Bar Goa is a newly opened hot spot at 116 West Hubbard that was previously Chef Takashi Yagihashi's Slurping Turtle.

The ramen has been replaced with a distinct menu that is unique to the River North area of Chicago. Indian flavors have been combined with a Portuguese flair to round out dishes that should have diners coming back for more. It is plain to see that the owners of Rooh Chicago had a distinct vision that is now brought to life thanks to a dedicated team involved in the project. 

Start by sipping on a Sunburn cocktail created by an obviously experienced mixologist from special ingredients such as Paul John Nirvana's Goan Single Malt and Bigallet China-China Amer, a liqueur made with orange peels in beet neutral alcohol. An emulsified egg white is also part of the mix along with rose water and lemon to make a drink that will certainly warm up your bones. 

Stop and smell the flowers with a floral collaboration of Jin Jiji Goan Gin, Tempus Fugit Banana and Amaro Montenegro, a blend of 40 botanicals. Other drink menu items include concoctions made with vodka, rum and tequila to suit any taste. 

There are seasonal offerings on the cocktail menu and if Edington Brands are ordered a donation with be made to one of three possible charities. Cheers to making the world a better place! 

If the libations don't transport you to a vacation destination, the cuisine certainly will. The reasonably priced menu will take patrons on a journey without even having to leave Chicago. The green pea hummus was the perfect texture and served with warm poi bread for starters.

The chili garlic potatoes were quite savory but filling and the mushroom fried rice is an absolute must-try item thanks to the fried egg on top and the tangy Madras curry aioli ingredient. 

For the main course, the fried chicken cafreal sandwich had just the right crunch to it and was worth every penny of the $16 price tag. The pork vindaloo sliders are part of a traditional Goan pork dish that adds an original touch to a hearty dish. 

Close things out with a light and creamy Portuguese pudding dessert called a pineapple serradura.

Bar Goa is already thinking outside of the box by booking DJs from around the world and hosting standup comedy nights for the future. The atmosphere is modern and the staff is outstanding with service and attentiveness to each table. 

Book your trip to the tropical destination of Bar Goa by visiting to make a reservation. Escape the winter blues with a taste of sunny India today!