New 21c Museum Hotel celebrates Pride

Tue. June 29, 2021 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The 21c Museum Hotel group is based out of Louisville, Kentucky and has now finally arrived in Chicago, Illinois. The concept is brilliant with a contemporary art museum set right inside the hotel itself. The museum is open free of charge and exhibits artists from the 21st century, hence the name. A French company, AccorHotels, acquired the original company and now retains the founders to keep their vision alive.

When on a press trip in Louisville, I stayed at the 21c there and noticed how soothing it was to explore the art housed there on the premises, then I was able to retire to my room to relax without going outside. It may sound simple, but hopefully this concept will inspire more hotels to continue the trend of having instillations and activities right on the property.

The newest hotel in the chain opened in Chicago in February of 2020 in the previous James Hotel location. The current exhibition This We Believe features more than 50 artists using a variety of mediums to convey their own unique messages. Explore the second floor with an impressive large space combined with narrow hallways of art curated on the walls. There is over 10,000 square feet of gallery space to check out even before entering your room.

There are 297 rooms to pick from and the corner suite I experienced was prime real estate to see wrap around views of the gorgeous city. At the same time, I was grateful for the blackout roll down shades so the light didn't disturb my perfect night of sleeping in the comfortable bed.

The light switches offered a fade down option that was also welcome as the stark white bathroom had bright lights. These same lights were helpful for preparing for a night out on the town. Two sinks made for plenty of room to spread out down the long bathroom and not feel cramped.

The living room area was also quite spacious with a variety of furniture to lounge on when watching television or working on a laptop at the kitchen table.

There are several packages offered for guests that stay at 21c in Chicago. The Unlock Chicago Package gives a free TILT admission for the view at 360 Chicago and take home an item from the WNDR Museum that I recently reviewed. I wondered why there were so many pets in the hotel and discovered the Pet Package donates $20 to the Anti-Cruelty Society plus a gift basket from Tails in City.

The Love is Love Package not only donates $10 to the Center on Halsted for their programs, but also gives partakers a Pride swag bag containing fun rainbow items and had a useful $50 gift card to the many Lettuce Entertain You restaurants that are located nearby. M Burger has some of the best housemade chicken tenders in the city with siracho mayo or if you like barbeque head over to Bub City for ribs and country music.

Some people complain about companies using the LGBTQIA+ community for only a month in June, so they should then applaud companies like 21c who are continuing promotions well beyond that month until October 4, 2021. The opening web page has two men in bed promoting the Lexington, Kentucky location and they adapted their logo to sport the inclusive colors of the community. Having a prescence and putting your money where your mouth is all matters and this company is taking that idea right into the 22nd century!

Book your stay today at and proudly spend your coins in this supportive, artistic venue while visiting the Windy City.