The Angad Arts Hotel Hosts the Rainbow

Sun. September 20, 2020 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The city of St. Louis may surprise travelers in many ways and has so much to offer visitors. Less than a five hour drive from Chicago or a 45 minute plane ride, St. Louis is a nice getaway in the spacious state of Missouri for those in Illinois.

As soon as one drives into Downtown St. Louis it is noticeable that state officials have mandated indoor and outdoor mask wearing for the populations of the city and county during the 2020 pandemic. What this does is reflect how cautious St. Louis is about their visitors and locals, all the while helping with the economy in Missouri.

Outsiders can explore and enjoy this beautiful city that takes pride in rich history and amazing architecture, but still have peace of mind in the process. Where should you stay while there? I found a few interesting places to rest those weary traveling feet.

Centrally located for the many excursions offered in St. Louis, is the Angad Arts Hotel, located in the Grand Central Center Arts district at 3550 Samuel Shepard Drive. Named after late British businessman and film producer Angad Paul, this hotel is more like a museum with overnight accommodations as a bonus.

An Instagram moment is waiting for influencers right outside the door as a sculpture of stacked suitcases is colorfully displayed. While some of the art inside is seasonal, some is built in, such as hand painted door signs and 146 guest rooms curated with art pieces to suit a mood. Each floor showcases different colors that represent a state of mind with red being passion, yellow hosts happiness, blue represents tranquility and green is for rejuvenation. What could have been a novelty act completely works as researchers have proven that color can affect a person's mood.

When checking in on the 12th floor, take a moment to observe the Chamelon Lamp that changes continually with a 360-degree video. This mood lighting lounge and nearby purple room certainly adds to the colorful experience throughout this modern venue that was completed in October of 2018.

Settle down inside one of the unique rooms that has been designed with extraordinary taste and thought. There is a quite a variety of styles, so discuss this with the helpful staff who can guide guests along according to needs and preference. Kitchenettes, bunk beds and classic bathtubs with breathtaking views are all options on the table. Speaking of tables, some of the rooms have large tables for multiple guests or possible work spaces. The blackout curtains were essential in this sunny state and the quietness in the current climate made this place an oasis with free parking on the street or a nearby lot that usually supports valet and is currently discounted.

The Angad Rooftop Terrace is up on the 13th floor and has a breathtaking view of the St. Louis skyline. Stop in for the grab and go breakfast in the morning or chill out with small plates and libations at night. Ask for a helpful employee named Jamison who works at the rooftop for some Jameson Whiskey to quench that thirst and tell him a Nunn sent you!

Another hotel I visited while in St. Louis was in the historic Delmar Loop district called Moonrise Hotel at 6177 Delmar. Just steps from a bustling shopping and dining area, this 125 room hotel opened in 2009. Space is a theme throughout the venue with memorabilia and a large moon rotates on the rooftop. The Moonrise Hotel was the first business to install a charging station in St. Louis and continues this trend with innovative solar panels at the open air Twilight Room on the roof. Recycling is also encouraged and executed throughout the establishment thanks to developer Joe Edward's requirements.

The Eclipse Restaurant is conveniently located on the ground floor, across from the front lobby with current limited hours and jacuzzi room suites are part of the perks of staying here. Themed rooms inspired by the nearby Walk of Fame include celebrations of artists such as Josephine Baker, Buddy Ebsen and Vincent Price, among others.

While there are many chain hotels to choose from in St. Louis, a boutique hotel can really complete an experience when visiting a new territory. People want to feel safe, secure and relaxed during their travels and St. Louis has plenty to pick from. Pack up your pets because both hotels welcome them like one of the family!

For info about checking in, check out or call 314-582-5275.

To go retro, fly over to or call 314-721-1111. Keep in mind, Washington University is currently housing students at the Moonrise because of dorm spacial shortages. Outside reservations can be made after the school year.

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