Seafood and Seeing The Invisible Man

Sun. March 1, 2020 12:00 AM
by Jerry Nunn

The night began with sampling the menu at Portsmith at 660 N. State Street on Feb. 25.

Executive chef Nate Henssler has created a menu that's imaginative and fresh. The smartly planned menu focuses on seafood and I've been raving about it to my pescatarian friends ever since trying it.

Start off with the calamari with a tomato sauce served on the side. Who knew that lobster and postickers would make such a tasty combo? I wouldn't have thought to pair them together, but it certainly works as an appetizer that's not too filling.

For entrees, the fish and chips is truly original. Instead of the traditional fare, the Atlantic halibut has sliced potatoes over the top. The malt vinegar sauce gives a unique flavor to the dish that everyone should dive into.

The hanger steak gives an option to steer away from the seafood and was cooked perfectly to the temperature requested that evening.

There is a stigma against restaurants attached to hotels, but in this case Portsmith stands on its own. From impeccable service and a knowledgeable staff, to elevated cuisine, Portsmith is definitely worth the trip.

Visit for more information and to make a reservation.

The same night, I ventured over to see The Invisible Man and was surprised by the film.

Many may think a contemporary reboot of the H.G. Wells novel might seem like a snore, but from the opening bedroom scene, this critic was hooked. Director Leigh Whannell must have learned a few tricks from his past Insidious films because he deftly knows how to rustle up a scare.

The story is more about a woman than a man and Elisabeth Moss is riveting in the role. The secondary characters all provide support and a little humor before the unexpected ending rolls around. Don't watch the trailer and go in blind for plenty of surprises that may make you jump in your seat. Try it in a Dolby Cinema if possible, for a truly hair-raising experience.

Apparently The Invisible Woman movie is in the works, but until then this is suitable for audiences no matter what the gender. Go see it!