End Scene

Thu. March 30, 2006 12:00 AM
by Michelle and Steven

Hi friends! Spring has sprung and this weekend we'll have to change our clocks back one hour. Woo-hoo! An extra hour at the club....ahem....sorry. Despite my obvious excitement, there's nothing I hate more than leaving the club and having it be light out. I see people on their way to work and it makes me feel a little guilty for having danced the night away. Oh well. You're only young once.

Speaking of the club....Steven and I have recently come to the conclusion that people have horrible manners when they're out. Seriously. Isn't there an unspoken set of rules and general manners that are supposed to be followed?

We've come up with what we think should be the new guidelines for bar etiquette ...

If it's open bar....tip your bartender. We can't tell you how many times we've seen people we know not tip and it's very embarrassing to us. Bartenders have to make a living, too.

If you bump into someone...the words 'excuse me' 'pardon me' or even the underused 'I'm sorry' should be used. Don't throw attitude. Accidents happen...be the bigger person.

Do not interrupt people when it seems like they're having an in-depth discussion/conversation. No matter if you know one or more of the people....it's rude to interrupt.

Do not cut in line to the bathroom. It's grounds for a thrashing. When folks are not on speaking terms with their bladders they'll go crazy.

If it's busy at the club and the bartender appears to be running around like a chicken with his/her head cut off....don't act a fool and bang on the bar, snap your fingers, call out their name...just to get your drink. Be patient. They're doing their best to get to everyone.

Don't go out if you don't have money. Don't expect that your friends will buy your drinks. Rude.

Don't think that it's ok to put your hands on anybody if you don't know them. Even while dancing....be careful. Some people just aren't ok with strange hands on their persons.

This one may be obvious....know when to say when. Switch to water or pop if you feel a sway in your step that isn't just you trying to keep time with the music.

If you request a song from a DJ...it's just nice to let him/her know you heard it, the understated high five to the air is always an option.

Keep dibs on the floor...people drop money all the time once they turn tipsy...if it's a friend retrieve it and give it back to them...if not...well...

Lastly....cancerettes, smokes, ciggies, cigarettes...cost a heck of a lot these days...don't be a bum and mooch off of people. If you can't afford a whole pack then quit. It sucks to have to hide your pack and pull one out when no one's looking.

Ok...we're sure none of these apply to you. But we know that you know at least one person who is guilty of one or more of these. Be a pal...help them out. Let them know it's tacky...and we're watching them.

:::bonus scenes:::

Matt...our favorite bf, John R....love you always, Chester...the gift of music is the best gift, Char, Tony C., Karl, Todd, Greg, Dave, Ryan, Adam, David B., Little John, Sarah...beautiful people in our lives, Sean...best brother, Julian...smooch, and of course Patrick and Billy....love you both!