Pull-List for 04/03/13

Wed. April 3, 2013 12:00 AM
by Danny Bernardo

My heart stopped a little with this year's April Fool's geek pranks. Andrew Lincoln leaves WALKING DEAD? Lady Gaga to play Dazzler in the new X-MEN movie? GAH! Come on guys! I should've known better.

And while April might not be the weekly gay geek fest that March was, we'll definitely make up for it with Geeks OUT's C2E2 party Mutant High Prom.

Onto the books!

Age of Ultron #4 $3.99
(W)Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA)Bryan Hitch

The impossible has happened! The Earth has been taken by Ultron... what few super hero survivors there are try desperately to stay alive. And it is Luke Cage who discovers the secret behind Ultron's victory over all of mankind. A secret that will have fans of Marvel comics arguing for years to come!

All New X-Men #10 $3.99
(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A)David Marquez

The Uncanny X-Men come to the Jean Grey School to recruit. Who will join Cyclops and his revolutionary crew? The answer will shock you! Mystique and Sabretooth continue to hatch their master plan and it doesn't bode well for the All-New X-Men.

Earth 2 #11 $2.99
(W) James Robinson (A) Nicola Scott, Trevor Scott (CA) Trevor Scott, Nicola Scott

As Dr Fate emerges as the latest hero on Earth 2, what other heroes make a most unexpected appearance?

Stormwatch #19 volume 5 $3.50
(W) Jim Starlin (A) Yvel Guichet

Team StormWatch is lost in a dimension shift-so what team will rise and take their place?


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