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RuPaul interview with ChicagoPride.com

Wed. October 27, 2004  by Daisy Mae/Boi Magazine

photo credit // photo by: mathu andersen
This September 21st marks the much anticipated return of RuPaul to the world stage with the release of the sizzling new CD entitled RuPAUL~RED HOT.

The CD is a collection of new dance songs that are guaranteed to set the dancefloor ablaze and ignite passion in the soul.

RuPaul skyrocketed to international fame with the release of the CD SUPERMODEL OF THE WORLD, which was followed by roles in several movies, THE RuPAUL SHOW on VH1, many high profile endorsement deals (including a beauty contract with M.A.C Cosmetics), a best-selling autobiography and fund raising worldwide for people living with HIV/AIDS.

BOI Magazine and ChicagoPride.com are thrilled to have the exclusive chance to talk to this pop icon about her new CD “Red Hot”, her favorite things, her wax figure and her upcoming visit to Chicago.

DM: We are so happy that you are coming out with a “Red Hot” new album, who is producing it?

Ru: I co produced it with several different people and wrote all the songs except for the covers that appear on the album, Work Out by Frankie Knuckles and People are People by Depeche Mode and Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous, by Darrell Martin.

DM: Is this your own label?

Ru: Yes, it is.

DM: The song Kinky/ Freaky much different than some of your other songs, dare I ask what was the inspiration?

Ru: The whole LP is different, it’s from a place of different experiences confidence and an exploration of my sexually as a male.

DM: You will be at Crobar on Halloween (Event Details) also appearing that night is DJ Tony Moran what songs will he be remixing on red hot?

Ru: I wish, I’d let him do anything for me, He is like cinnamon toast, just delicious!

DM: What is the first single?

Ru: Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous, is the first single and I have three remixers from New York:

Gomie, Peter McLean and Darrell Martin so far.

DM: You have quite an extensive music collection, what kind of music do you listen to for fun?

Ru: My music is a reflection of what I really love to listen to, pop, dance, mid tempo dance and ballads. I also love country western music; I’m listening to Loretta Lynn right now.

I would love to do a country album but don’t know who would buy it.

DM: I have heard rumors of underground independent films where you were the heroine can you tell us about them?

Ru: I was “Star Bootie” in about 16-20 spoofs films inspired by John Waters and Jacquelyn Suzanne.

We did a sequel to Mahogany, American Porn Star a saga of an American porn star in Atlanta in the mid 80’s.

The films are all on VHS and Super 8 and are traded underground. It’s a cult thing.

DM: You have a wax figure at Madame Trussaud’s, in New York, what was it like to see yourself captured for future generations to adore?

Ru: It is freaky as shit!

You get to see yourself from angles that you could never see yourself. The process is very time consuming, I sat for hands and teeth in London and eyes in Las Vegas.

I only saw it once when it was finished, but I can’t imagine seeing it in public and looking at people standing looking at them looking at me.

DM: Were you in the ever famous Wonder Woman costume?

Ru: No, I don’t think I even have it anymore.

I did wear it at the Gay and Lesbian March on Washington.

DM: Where is the most exiting place in the world to perform?

Ru: Even though I have been all over the world, I have to say the most exiting place I have performed at is the Gay and Lesbian March on Washington.

It was by far the largest audience I have ever performed for.

The thrill and energy was phenomenal and after that event, I received word that my mother passed away.

It was a performance that I will never forget.

I felt compelled to make this CD because of what’s happening socially and politically in the world right now. My presence has been missing from the cultural landscape for too long, and I’m ready to shake things up a bit. My first order of business is to release an album that heralds the power of truth, beauty, freedom and love. If you can dance, you can start a revolution.

Shortly after the unveiling of my wax portrait at MADAME TRUSSAUD’S MUSEUM in Times Square, I chose to devote the lion’s share of my time to my personal growth and to my family. I reconnected with the part of me that I had left behind. Now, four years later I’m recharged, looking good and feeling gorgeous... and ready to let them have it!

This interview originally appeared in Boi Magazine.

Interviewed by Daisy Mae/Boi Magazine