Bakery manager transforms into smiling, sexy go-go dancer at night

Thu. August 23, 2018 2:06 PM by Ross Forman

Now Serving … David Maugaotega

David Maugaotega dances regularly at Charlie's Chicago, his main gig and where he got started. He also has danced in sexy underwear or a thong and gym shoes at parties from SKIN Productions and various Neverland events.

He also eats sweet-tasting creams and mousses on a regular basis.

Welcome to Maugaotega's Chicago life – a manager at Jennivee's Bakery in Lakeview and a smiling, sexy go-go dancer.

"It's hard to resist temptation sometimes, and part of my job is literally to test creams and mousses for quality control, but it's about understanding limits. I try to keep my fitness goals in mind and remember that too much of a good thing will stand in the way of that," Maugaotega said. "A rigid exercise schedule and diet can go a long way."

Maugaotega, 25, lives in Lakeview East and has called Chicago home for close to eight years. He was born and raised in Honolulu, and after five years in Las Vegas, he hit the Windy City to attend the University of Chicago. "I made the trip (to Chicago) all alone and hadn't even stepped foot in the Midwest prior to move-in day," he said.

"I will never forget the first time I went downtown for a riverboat tour. Chicago was the first proper city I had been in at the time, and I felt so small against how towering it all felt. A faster pace was novel and refreshing, and I knew that I would never be satisfied with going back."

Maugaotega, who is single and jokes that that status "isn't going to change any time soon," joined Jennivee's Bakery last summer. "It was kind of an abrupt change in work, and I had no idea at the time that I would be where I am now," he said.

Maugaotega had spent about five years working in the service industry, and admittedly, "was over it." Sure, he now still engages with customers, but not to the same degree serving and not under the same conditions. "The shop needed help with front-of-house and cleaning duties, and I saw it as an opportunity to make cash while I thought out my next step.

"The bulk of my daily duties involve decorating product and stocking the shop, while occasionally filling custom orders, and the obligations of my managerial title involve coordinating scheduling, ordering, etc. As my job title has changed, my duties have always accumulated and never been substituted, so I really do a little of everything."

Maugaotega admitted that he is "infatuated with creating beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing product that people can enjoy and give you feedback on," he said. "The cakes and cupcakes especially strike the senses, and there is a specific connection I feel from knowing I made it myself. I'm sure it's my inner fat kid reminding me that he's still there."

And yes, everything at the bakery is delicious, he said.

"I can honestly say that there isn't a single thing on the menu that I would not recommend," Maugaotega said. "It's a combination of classic American-style desserts (with) exotic Filipino flavors that comes from the owner wanting to share a bit of her culture with the public. A consequence of this influence is that nothing is made too sweet or overbearing in that sense, and you get to experience a lot of interesting flavor notes."

Maugaotega said that he wants to develop his cake-decorating skills through formal education, eventually.

Maugaotega dances regularly at Charlie's Chicago for #POPular, #DirtyPOP and #NeonPOP. He's also danced for Neverland events, such as its Halloween party, and more.

"Once, I was dancing and this guy in a suit approaches me, so I step towards the edge of the platform," Maugaotega said. "He reaches up and puts something into my underwear, but it feels thin and hard, so I reach around to check what it was, and he leaves in the meantime. He left his credit card with me; I think he tried to swipe it between my cheeks. I kept an eye out for him and finally was able to return it at the end of my set.

"He said it was for me, but I said, 'I don't take American Express.'"

Then there was the time when his family was in town for a couple of days and they wanted to see him. "Between their schedule and mine, it was hard to find time to meet up without one of us needing to run here or there," Maugaotega said. "I went into work around midnight expecting to see them the next morning for a bit, (but) the five (of) them were standing right there in Charlie's near the entrance. When I tell you I wanted to die ...The worst part was, the other dancer had cancelled (on) short notice, so it was literally all eyes on me. I somehow found the strength to go on—until a few of them approached with bills in their hands, and I died all over again."

Now Serving ...David Maugaotega

Favorite Chicago Restaurant: "If you haven't been to Duck Duck Goat in the West Loop, I would check it out. The Peking duck and its assorted garnishes create a great flavor profile, and the dish itself will look you right in the face as you eat it."

Favorite App: I checked to see which app uses the most battery on my phone – Instagram."

Favorite Musician or Musical Group: "One of the leading artists would have to be Amy Winehouse. I am in love with Amy Winehouse and her tragically beautiful life story. Watching her documentaries and understanding her story adds an entirely new, crucial layer to her music."

Favorite TV Show: "I've enjoyed Saturday Night Live since the seventh-grade. Sketch comedy is fun, because you don't need to follow a story line for the most part and it's always a good time. This show also influences how much I like or dislike a celebrity based on how their hosting gigs go. Humor is very important to me."

Favorite Movie: The Devil Wears Prada – "I enjoy storylines with strong female personalities and the humor conveyed in this film is less kitschy or obvious. A lot of it is expressed through nuances, like expression and tone, and I like to think I operate the same way."

Little-Known Fact: "Part of my right front tooth is false. My front teeth were so buck as a kid that I chipped the right one at the bottom of a filled pool while I was swimming. The filling actually fell out one year on the morning of picture day. I have no idea where those copies are."

Three Favorite Items at Jennivee's: "Tres Leches cake, the Hummingbird, and the Purple Velvet. The Purple Velvet is made with ube (purple yam), a distinctly Filipino ingredient and the main feature of the bakery's signature flavor. I have seen a couple people shy away from trying it when they hear 'yam,' but they have no idea what they're missing. Indulge in the unknown!"