Good Morning, Chicago – DJ Mohammad helps the Market Days party continue on Monday

Tue. August 7, 2018 6:18 PM by Ross Forman

DJs Mohammad and Alex Cabot spin Happily NVR Afters on Monday, Aug. 13

DJ Mohammad makes his Chicago debut during one of the biggest LGBT weekends anywhere in the nation: Market Days.

"I'm so excited," DJ Mohammad told in an exclusive interview days before he is in the Chicago spotlight spinning at 'Happily NVR Afters' from Neverland Events on Monday morning, Aug. 13, at Fantasy Nightclub in Boystown, starting at 7 a.m.

DJ Mohammad will be joined at the five-hour party by DJ Alex Cabot.

"I've only been (to Chicago) once – for IML, and that was quite an interesting weekend, and a good time," DJ Mohammad said. "I will have a day to roam around and check out the sites with my boyfriend, Kevin, while I'm there for Market Days ...I can't be more excited."

DJ Mohammad, 26, lives in San Francisco and has been DJing for close to three years. He is a resident DJ at Ky Martinez's monthly party, House Party. He is continuously on the DJ roster for Ky Martinez Productions and Cecil Russell Events in San Francisco.

"I had been going to the clubs before the age of 21 and was always mesmerized by the circuit scene and the music," he said. "I had always followed certain DJs on SoundCloud and always picked out tracks that I enjoyed listening to at the gym. My best friend and now-manager, Ky Martinez, told me I had a great ear for music and I should learn how to become a DJ. I didn't think I had the skillset to accomplish such a feat, but Ky pushed me and set up a meeting with DJ Bugie. (We got) together twice a week for a few hours and he would show me the ropes.

"After enough practice, Ky Martinez gave me the chance to DJ back to back for his event with my mentor, Bugie. We would trade off after an hour of spinning until the night was over. I started and I remember being nervous, yet at an all-time high. I was so terrified, yet excited about the night and what the crowd would think. The night was a major success and the feedback was positive. I felt on top of the world after that night and was already excited for the next time it was going to happen. I had caught the DJ bug, for sure."

DJ Mohammad said he is "constantly learning" and constantly fine-tuning his skill.

"As my musical library increases, I have a better understanding of what tracks mix well with others and how to properly warm up a crowd until they are ready for the peak," he said. "With each time on the decks, I gain more knowledge that will further benefit my style and craft. While my style is a staple of who I am, my craft is something that is always improving and changing."

DJ Mohammad admittedly is a big fan of the underground. "I love dark and dirty House beats, pulsing basslines, and rare vocals that haven't been heard too often," he said. "I definitely have a darker edge to my music, but I can definitely shift accordingly and match party moods. I've done peak-hour events, afterhours, Tea Dances. I love to incorporate current and classic in my sets. Everyone loves a current club banger and everyone loves a great throwback. Why not give them both?!"

Admittedly a Madonna diehard, DJ Mohammad does not attend many concerts, though the first concert he ever attended was Madonna's Rebel Heart tour. "I went with my three best friends and had the time of my life," DJ Mohammad said. "We were definitely the life of the party where we were sitting. We sang along to each song and jumped and cheered. It was an amazing time."

Recently, DJ Mohammad watched Years & Years in San Francisco. "They have an amazing sound and I am a huge fan," he said.

DJ Mohammad added, "There is nothing more amazing than seeing a full crowd on the dance floor, cheering and whistling with their hands in the air and their fans clacking. It's one thing to make a person dance, but it's another to make a person dance AND feel. Music has so much power and emotion that it can do more than just make you dance. It has the ability to make you smile, laugh, cry, and even fall in love. But at the end of the day, seeing people enjoy the music no matter what kind of feelings or actions it brings is what brings me joy."

Favorite DJ-related story:

"Oh boy, I have some great stories," said DJ Mohammad. "But one that really stands out is when I had to opportunity to open for DJ Paulo a few years back. I was so nervous and I know a lot of people had doubts in my ability to do it, but I did my best and I think Paulo was impressed with what I brought to the table, having only a few months of experience. The promoter of the event, Ky Martinez, told Paulo to tease me and give me a hard time, so Paulo came into the DJ booth and started asking me questions like, 'Why are you playing that track?' 'You're playing two tracks from the same remixer? I wouldn't do that if I were you.' Are you sure that's a good idea!?' I was absolutely mortified. After a few minutes he told me he was teasing me and Ky was the culprit for it. I had a sigh of relief after that. It was a great, successful night."

For tickets to Happily NVR Afters on Monday, August 13, from 7 a.m., to 12noon, go to:

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