Raunchy with DJ Eddie Elias heats up IML weekend, raises funds for TPAN

Wed. May 23, 2018 1:28 PM by Ross Forman

dj eddie elias

SKIN Productions brings a Saturday night dance party that is pure IML – it's called, the RAUNCHY Party, and will begin at 11 p.m., at Fantasy Nightclub in Boystown.

"I wanted a name that is manly, vulgar and sexual explicit ...it is IML weekend, after all, which involves a lot kinky sex and (more)," said Dan Tran of SKIN Productions.

The RAUNCHY Party features DJ Eddie Elias, with the opening set from DJ Grantham Cole.

"Both DJs bring music that is very intense, dark and high energy, which perfectly fits (the) IML scene," Tran said. "IML weekend is about learning how to explore your inner dark side, (such as) sex toys, bondage, S&M, etc. Eddie Elias just came off spinning the Black Party in New Year City last month. Black Party, by Saint at Large, is one of the (best) leather, sexual and dark parties in the U.S. Eddie's beats are perfect for this weekend."

The RAUNCHY Party also will feature four muscle-packed dancers: Leo, Monroe, Fernando and Wade.

Proceeds from the RAUNCHY Party will benefit the Test Positive Awareness Network (TPAN). SKIN has been a strong supporter of TPAN for years.

"I was born is a third-world country, a communist country. I've witnessed starvation, disease and many deaths first-hand. I never thought I would get to live to see today," Tran said. "But I was blessed to come to the United States with Lutheran Church and Weiss sisters, our angel godmothers. They gave me my future and freedom as of today.

"I am doing this charity work to return the favor."

More than 600 are expected at RAUNCHY.

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