These are the top ten cities to find a kinky partner, where Chicago and LA ranks on the list

Fri. January 19, 2018 1:14 PM by News Staff

A new survey from KinkD, a fetish dating app, has identified which cities are the 'kinkiest' in the country for gay men. With over 155 thousand gay male users in the United States, the app analyzed America's kink hotspots, surveying its subscribers on which cities are the most friendly to the kink lifestyle.

Not surprisingly, New York City topped the list, which is to be expected given its long history as one of the country's most liberated cities, followed by Los Angeles and Chicago.

The Lone Star State was represented by Houston and Austin, in fourth and fifth place respectively. Philadelphia bested San Francisco while San Diego, Portland and Denver rounded out the top ten.

"Dating for gay men can be difficult as LGBTQ people are still discriminated by some in society," said John Martinuk, co-founder of KinkD. "The kink lifestyle is also not widely accepted, and it's considered by some to be a sickness."

KinkD's survey explored the fun and exciting side of erotic life in the United States. The app provides an opportunity to locate a kinky partner.

"It's not easy being a gay man, let alone a gay man into sex outside of the mainstream," said John Martinuk, co-founder of KinkD. "It's important for them to know that there are many like-minded gay men out there for them. We hope our top 10 list can help them know that they are not alone."

KinkD is a leading kinky dating app for the BDSM & Fetish community. It is available to download free from the App Store and Google Play.