Adam Lambert says retailers balked at For Your Entertainment's androgynous cover

Wed. November 29, 2017 6:30 AM by

Out singer Adam Lambert this week celebrated the 8th anniversary of his debut album For Your Entertainment.

"Anniversary of my first official album For Your Entertainment! I was feeling my gender fluid (and fully photoshopped) glam rock fantasy," wrote Lambert, 35, on social media.

The cover of For Your Entertainment features a tight close up of Lambert's face. His hair is tinted blue and he's wearing pink lipstick and eyeliner. His head is slightly tilted with one hand resting on his temple.

"The powers that be released a second cover for retailers who felt 'uncomfortable' w the original," Lambert explained. "(Even though I was still fully painted)."

While Lambert is wearing makeup in the second cover, the soft tones of the original are replaced with grays, his lips are not visible and his hair is black – an overall less androgynous look.

"Seems so funny now.... but just 8 yrs ago it was a much different climate," Lambert added.

In an interview published Friday, Lambert said that young people today are less hung up on gender.

"Look at all the gender fluidity stuff that's become the conversation right now," Lambert told the Express and Star. "The kids coming up right now are less hung up on stereotypical gender roles. It's funny, because I look at kids rocking some nail polish or a little glitter and I'm like, 'Do you guys think this is new? I've been doing this for years.'"

Lambert is currently touring with Queen.

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