Kim Burrell won't appear on Ellen DeGeneres' show following anti-gay sermon

Wed. January 4, 2017 9:51 AM by

Out talk show host Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday announced that gospel singer Kim Burrell won't appear on her daytime show as scheduled.

Burrell, who appears on the soundtrack of the film Hidden Figures, was scheduled to perform Thursday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with Pharrell Williams.

But that was before a video surfaced of Burrell calling gays "perverts."

"For those asking, Kim Burrell will not be appearing on my show," DeGeneres tweeted.

The video, uploaded Friday, shows Burrell speaking before her Houston, Texas congregation.

"I came to tell you about sin," Burrell screams. "That sin nature, that perverted homosexual spirit, and the spirit of delusion and confusion, it has deceived many men and women. You as a man, you open your mouth and take a man's penis in your face, you are perverted. You are a woman and will shake your face in another woman's breast, you are perverted."

She said that "anyone filled with the homosexual spirit" should "beg God" to be free.

William and two stars of the film, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae, condemned Burrell's sermon.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Williams will perform I See A Victory from the movie's soundtrack solo.

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