Julianne Moore Talks Inspiring Story Behind 'Freeheld'

Fri. October 9, 2015 11:34 AM by OnTopMag.com

- Actress Julianne Moore talked about the inspiring true story behind her latest project during an appearance Wednesday on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show.

Moore plays Lieutenant Laurel Hester in Freeheld, the Hollywood adaptation of the documentary short story of the same name based on the true story of a lesbian couple who faced death while battling a discriminatory government.

Hester fought for the right to leave her Ocean County, New Jersey police pension to her domestic partner, Stacie (played by Ellen Page), as she faced a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer.

Moore said that the film was especially meaningful to Page, who came out gay last year.

"I think it was a meaningful project [to Page] because she had been attached to it as a producer for so long that it meant so much to her personally," Moore said.

"It was meaningful for me to talk to Ellen about her experiences and for her to talk about what it means to be closeted and to then come out, and what are the repercussions in your personal life and in your professional life."

DeGeneres and Moore praised Hester for her courage.

"It's amazing, because she was not an activist. She was closeted. She wasn't even openly gay," DeGeneres said.

"And then she ran up against this thing when she's dying and realized, 'If I don't come out and speak out against this my partner's going to lose her house. Our house,'" Moore added.

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