Jack Black: 'oldies' need to get out of the way of LGBT rights

Mon. May 18, 2015 8:56 AM by OnTopMag.com

In promoting his new feature film, The D Train, actor Jack Black called on "oldies" to make way for LGBT rights.

In the film, Dan Landman (played by Black), is failing at organizing his high school class' 20th reunion when he has the idea of convincing Oliver Lawless (James Marsden), the most popular guy in his class and a struggling actor, to attend, which Dan believes will make the party a success.

In the process, Dan becomes obsessed with Oliver, and fascinated by Oliver's bisexuality.

"There is a character that is bisexual in the film," Black said during a recent HuffPost Live interview. "And he ends up being a kick-ass hero of the piece.I've never seen anything like this character in a comedy before, and that was another reason I was really psyched to do it."

When host Josh Zepps asked Black whether he was excited about reaching "a tipping point" on LGBT rights, Black responded with a dance.

"Civil rights coming through," he said as he waved his arms as if he was elbowing his way through a large crowd. "Get out of the way oldies. We're coming through.Equality." 

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