Nashville's Chris Carmack says his character's coming out gay might be good thing

Wed. September 24, 2014 4:54 PM by

Chris Carmack, who plays aspiring country music singer Will Lexington on ABC's Nashville, discussed how his character might be affected by his coming out gay on the show's season two finale.

Nashville returns Wednesday night and fans are eager to find out whether Will's confession to his wife Layla (played by Aubrey Peeples) makes it to the reality show they're filming.

Carmack discussed his character's future in an interview with gay male entertainment blog

"He clearly has a lot to deal with and he's partly coming to terms with himself and starting to perhaps accept himself," Carmack said. "I think we all want to see Will accept himself but in addition he's created this complete web of lies and deceit around him involving his wife who he married under false pretenses [and] the reality show that's bearing down on him that is threatening to expose all of his lies. I mean, he's painted himself into a pretty tough corner and it's going to be interesting to see him attempt to get out of it."

"This is partial speculation, but I think ultimately [coming out] will be good because Will was so deeply closeted. He was only going to out himself in extreme circumstances and it needed to happen for his sanity. It needed to happen for his own mental and emotional health. So unfortunately he didn't feel like he had a safe environment or friends that he could come out to, or family that he could come out to, so what it took was a terrible event with the wrong people. But I think ultimately it will be a good thing for Will," he said.

Carmack and Executive Producer Dee Johnson have been coy about whether Will will find romance in the upcoming season.

"Will does have a romantic interest in season three," Carmack said.

But when asked about the gender of Will's affections, Johnson would only say, "It is hard to stay on the farm once you've been to Paris, right?"

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