Jesse Tyler Ferguson on 'Modern Family' gay wedding: It's going to happen

Fri. May 16, 2014 11:20 AM by

Out actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson told The Wall Street Journal on Thursday that his Modern Family character was definitely marrying during next week's final episode.

Viewers of Wednesday's episode of the ABC comedy, now in its fifth season, were left to wonder whether a planned wedding for the show's gay couple would be called off at the last moment.

"It's going to happen," Ferguson said. "You're going to have to wait another week, but it's going to happen. At least unless they've changed it since I shot the finale, which they can possibly do. Maybe we shot something where we don't get married. As far as I know, we're getting married this week."

Ferguson acknowledged the show's influence on America's increasing acceptance of marriage equality.

"I can't ignore that the show has social ramifications. And I think there's something really lovely about the way our writers have introduced Cam and Mitch to America.And for a lot of people, they might be the first gay couple that they know. Or at least that they know are definitely gay. And I think it presents them in a very safe way," he said. 

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