Hallmark introduces Mother's Day cards for kids with two moms

Thu. May 8, 2014 7:19 AM by OnTopMag.com

Hallmark Cards is offering two Mother's Day cards aimed at lesbian moms.

One of the cards reads, "Moms are second to none," on the outside, and, "How does anyone ever get by with just one?" on the inside.

Kristi Ernsting, a Hallmark spokeswoman, told NBC News that the second card is for spouses.

"One card 'for two moms' and one card 'for my partner,'" Ernsting said.

She added that the company's Valentine's Day cards for gay couples introduced earlier this year "were well received."

Kathy Krassner of the trade group Greeting Card Association said that she expects to see more same-sex greeting cards in the future.

"With last year's Supreme Court ruling bolstering gay marriage, more companies are offering same-sex wedding cards, and we're likely to see an increase in same-sex cards for Mother's Day and Father's Day going forward," she said.

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