Cardinal Francis George says married gay couples cannot take communion

Thu. November 7, 2013 11:40 AM by

Chicago, IL - Cardinal Francis George, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Chicago, has described Illinois' gay marriage bill as a "bad law."

Speaking to the Chicago Sun Times, George, a longtime opponent of gay nuptials, said the legislation, which is expected to effect in June, will "change the nature of our society."

"It's no enormous surprise," George said of the bill's passage on Tuesday. "There was a lot of effort placed into passage of this legislation. I think it's bad legislation, but we've lived with bad laws before. It'll make some people happy ... but it will also, I think, change the nature of our society over a period of time," George said.

(Related: He added that Catholic gay couples who marry under the law will not be allowed to take communion in Chicago-area parishes.

"If someone is living in a lifestyle that is publicly against the Gospel as interpreted in the church, whether heterosexual or they're gay, no, they don't take communion," George said. "But that's the discipline of the sacrament that applies to everybody, not just to gays."

gay marriage "unnatural."

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