Margaret Cho: New show about 'gay man's need for a mother figure'

Fri. September 6, 2013 12:53 PM by

Las Vegas, NV - Comedian Margaret Cho has described her Mother tour as being about "the gay man's need for a mother figure."

Cho returns to Las Vegas to perform her show at the Mirage on Friday.

She told the Las Vegas Sun that Mother was about gay rights.

"This show will be more stuff about what's happening with gay rights, kind of what's happened in the last several months with DOMA and with the idea of lifting a federal ban off gay marriage, but then what does it mean for people – like I live part time in Georgia, part time just kind of everywhere, so what does it mean for everybody in different places. So how to feel out what's going on.Definitely much more in-depth about the gay man's need for a mother figure, whether it's my own experience with being a mother figure or people who we look at like rock stars. You know, like how gay men have always been drawn to Judy Garland as a mother figure or Joan Crawford or even Madonna or Lady Gaga to some extent, too," Cho said.

In discussing her own open marriage with artist Al Ridenour, Cho added that "marriage is really important and what we build families on. That's why gay marriage is really important."

"My own personality ... it doesn't really make sense to try to be monogamous when I wouldn't be. I think it would be difficult to try to do that. I would hate to get in the other situation of having to get out of marriage because of the idea that I don't want to be monogamous."

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