Conservative activist says he would claim to be transgender to watch women change

Tue. August 20, 2013 9:37 AM by News Staff

dan joseph of the right-wing media research center

photo credit // youtube
Dan Joseph of the conservative Media Research Center said that he would pretend to be a transgender woman in order to be allowed into girls' bathrooms and changing rooms to watch women change.

The right-wing activist made the comments in a YouTube video entitled, 'The Transgender Bathroom-Locker Room Question,' in which he attacks a California anti-discrimination initiative.

In the video, Joseph asks university students in Virginia if they would be prepared to share bathrooms and changing rooms with transgender individuals.

'High school kids get away with a lot of bad stuff – a lot of kid nowadays would probably take advantage of this,' one student commented to Joseph.

'You mean like a guy who just wants to see some naked chicks going "oh, I'm transgendered and I need to go to the girls locker room?,"' questioned Joseph. 

The student replied, 'exactly,' to which Joseph then said, 'I mean, that's what I would do.'

The California law allows transgender students from kindergarten to grade 12 to access bathrooms and changing rooms of their preferred gender. 



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