Lesbian couple gets engaged at Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert

Sat. August 17, 2013 12:52 PM by OnTopMag.com

New York City - A lesbian couple got engaged Friday at a Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert broadcast live from Central Park on ABC's Good Morning America.

Val Dallas and Kara Toomey were among the nearly 5,000 fans who showed up for the morning concert.

Dallas brought a sign which read "Same Love [heart] 1 Year Anniversary."

"I was behind her and I leaned the sign on her back and I chicken scratched, 'Can I propose to my girlfriend on stage?' So, it was definitely on a whim," Dallas told Good Morning America.

Comedian Tom Kelly, part of the opening act, noticed the sign.

"I pulled Val and Kara up on the stage," he said. "In front of over 5,000 Macklemore fans, Val pulled the trigger."

"Val had a ring ready to go," he added. "It was my first time officiating an engagement in seven years of doing warm up for TV shows."

When Dallas got down on one knee to propose, the audience shouted, "Same Love."

The couple was invited to watch the remaining show from the stage and received hugs from Macklemore afterward. 

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