Boys Scouts end ban on openly gay Scouts

Thu. May 23, 2013 5:12 PM by News Staff

Grapevine, TX - The Boy Scouts of America's national leadership voted Thursday to approve a plan to accept openly gay boys as Scouts. The ban on gay adult leaders remains.

The majority vote by more than 1,400 delegates will put an end to the ban on openly gay scouts which has been in place throughout the organization's 103-year history.

Some gay rights advocates are not satisfied with the proposal. They argue the plan only lifts the ban on gay members while still excluding gay adults from taking part as Scout leaders.

"The move to allow gay scouts and continue to forbid gay scout leaders won't work", said Rick Garcia, Policy Director of The Civil Rights Agenda. "This is a failed attempt at compromise to appease anti-gay bigots and appease those who believe in fairness and equality for all. While this vote is a step in the right direction, it has only bought more years of wrangling over this issue"

Supporters from both sides rallied in suburban Dallas, where the BSA is hosting its national annual meeting.