Marie Osmond talks marriage equality on ABC

Fri. March 29, 2013 4:58 PM by News Staff

marie osmond

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Chicago, IL - On Friday, Marie Osmond appeared in the "Person of the Week" interview on ABC World News to share about lessons she has learned in life.

Osmond, 53, recounts how she survived her darkest days in a new book about strength and self-respect, The Key is Love, which was largely inspired by her mother Olive's advice.

This week, as the Supreme Court deliberated on cases involving same-sex marriage, Osmond told ABC, "The God that I believe in is a God of love, not fear."

Osmond, whose daughter is a lesbian, said, "I believe in their civil rights as a mother. My daughter deserves everything she desires in life."

"I don't think God made one color flower, I think He made many."

The complete video can be found on ABC News