Bette Midler on being a witness to the gay rights movement

Fri. December 21, 2012 9:08 AM by

Singer-actress Bette Midler says she has watched the evolution of the gay rights movement.

Midler, who returns to the big screen next week with the premiere of Parental Guidance, told Michigan gay weekly Between The Lines that she's proud of the gay community's progress.

"I will say that in the old days when all of this was all so underground, the excitement in the gay community now about gay marriage and coming above the ground, older people [must] think, 'Wow, look how far the gay community has come by sticking together and toughing it out.' You know, gay marriage, being able to adopt children, being part of the mainstream as opposed to always being sub rosa – it must be so fascinating and such a strong validation," Midler said.

Midler added that she was enthused by the movement.

"I watch and I'm fascinated and I'm interested. And I'm enthusiastic. I'm all those things. I try to help where I can. I just think it's fantastic for the gay community. Just fantastic. And I know they're happy. I know there's a lot of joy in the community. I know there are a lot of people who are very, very excited about the change that all this acceptance has given them. I know it's a real thrill."

"At the same time, there's also the part that was exciting because there was nothing that they were allowed to do. There was all this stuff about doing things under the radar that was also exciting in a whole other way."

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