Exit poll shows majority of Latinos support gay marriage

Tue. November 20, 2012 10:27 AM by OnTopMag.com

An Election Day exit poll found that a majority of Latino-Americans support marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples.

The poll conducted by ABC News found that nearly six-in-ten (59%) Latino voters believe gay marriage should be legal, while 32 percent remain opposed. Pollsters also found that non-Hispanic whites remain the most opposed to marriage equality, 50% to 47%. A majority of black voters (52%) also approve of such unions, while 40 percent said they were opposed.

The results confirm an October survey which found 60 percent of 400 Latino respondents support marriage equality, while 38 percent disagree. Forty-eight percent said they strongly support such unions, and 31 percent said they strongly disagree. Two percent of respondents refused to answer.

The increase among Latinos outpaces the general population, whose support has increased at an average rate of 1 or 2 percent per year.

Hispanic support for marriage equality has increased nearly 15 percentage points in 3 years. An October, 2009 NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found only 45 percent of Latinos in favor.

"Latinos care about marriage because they care about family, and no member of anyone's family should ever face discrimination," said Thalia Zepatos, director of public engagement for Freedom to Marry, which supports gay nuptials. "As more Latinos talk with their gay and lesbian family members, they realize that no one should be denied the freedom to marry the person that they love."

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