Gay marriage support gains in Ohio, Florida and Virginia

Wed. October 10, 2012 12:32 PM by

Support for gay marriage has increased in key election states Ohio, Florida and Virginia.

In Florida and Ohio, a majority of respondents to September Washington Post polls said they support marriage equality; large gains were also seen in Virginia.

Fifty-four percent of Florida voters support gay nuptials, while 33 percent remain opposed. Ohio voters support such unions 52 to 37 percent.

"When I was growing up, it was like, you don't talk about that stuff," Danny Martin, a 54-year-old former factory worker from Columbus, Ohio told the paper. "Now, we're more open about it. And I have some friends who are gay, and they don't come off to me as anybody different than any other people."

Support among Virginia voters has increased 3 percentage points in just 5 months, up from 46 percent in May to 49 percent in September. The jump comes after President Barack Obama endorsed marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples.

According to the Post, about two-thirds of Democratic respondents support marriage equality compared to a third or fewer of Republicans. Between 54 and 60% of independents support such unions.

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