Illinois GOP star Aaron Schock offers Paul Ryan fashion advice

Mon. September 3, 2012 1:16 PM by News Staff

aaron schock on men's health cover

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Rep. Schock says it’s ‘ridiculous and inappropriate’ to ask if he is gay

Tampa, FL - Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock (R), who showed off his washboard abs last year on the cover of Men's Health magazine, offered some fashion advice for Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

"I think Paul's in great shape," said Schock. "I think a little bit of leaner attire to help accentuate that physique he works so hard to, you know, maintain. But he also, he works out for the right reasons, too. It's not all vanity. When he was a young man, he lost his grandfather. Also at a young age, I believe under 50. And so he knows that being physically fit isn't just about looking good in clothing but it's also about living longer."

Schock discussed Paul Ryan's physique as he strolled down Ybor City's gay neighborhood in Tampa last week. caught up with Schock as he left an event for youth, sponsored by MSNBC's Chuck Todd.

The 31-year-old's chiseled physique and sense of fashion continues to fuel speculation about his sexuality.

Michelangelo Signorile, host of his own SiriusXM radio show and editor at large of Huffington Post's Gay Voices, questioned Schock about the speculation last week as he attended the Republican National Convention.

Signorile tweeted Schock's response: 'Rep. Aaron Schock, who voted against DADT repeal, said it is 'ridiculous and inappropriate' to ask if he is gay and said he thus wouldn't answer, but then did say that he is not gay, before storming off.'

Signorile then responded to critics who agreed the question is inappropriate.

'It's appropriate to ask because there have been rumors reported in media,' Signorile tweeted. 'And nothing bad or 'ridiculous' about it. Can simply say no.'

In 2009, first posted photos of Schock poolside sans shirt, which ignited initial speculation about his sexuality. The Illinois lawmaker, who is not married, has previously stated that he is not gay.

Schock is against gay marriage and voted against the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.



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