Lance Bass: I knew I was gay at age 5

Sat. August 4, 2012 8:41 AM by

Former N'Syncer Lance Bass, who was forced to reveal that he's gay in 2006, has said he knew his sexual orientation at age 5.

"I knew I was gay at 5 years old," Bass told cabler HLN. "Like I knew it. I knew what it was. At 5. So, you tell me it's a choice."

"I knew at 5 years old. But I knew I had to hide it from everyone ... out of shame and fear," he added.

"I just knew it wasn't right. I knew that something was wrong with me. So every single day I prayed to God that he would change me to be straight. Every single night I would cry."

Bass talks about the rejection he faced from his home state of Mississippi for coming out gay in the film Mississippi I Am, which documents the stories of gay teens coming out in conservative Mississippi.

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