Many minority pastors still oppose gay marriage, in spite of Obama and NAACP

Tue. June 5, 2012 2:20 PM by News Staff

Washington, D.C. - Last month, when President Barack Obama came out in favor of gay marriage, his staff later said that he had had private discussions with African-American pastors and other religious leaders about the issue.

A few days later, the NAACP also released a statement supporting same-sex marriage.

But some minority pastors who gathered recently for a rally in Washington, D.C., told that they're not swayed, and a Pew poll shows that just 39 percent of black voters support gay and lesbian marriage.

"I don't think it is relevant to a civil rights fight at all," Bishop Larry Palmer told CBN. "It's a fight between right and wrong. This just so happens to be wrong."

"Same-sex marriage to me is an abomination scripturally and actually," said Rising Sun Pastor Emmett Burns.

But Burns said he still plans to vote for Mr. Obama.

Others said God doesn't change his views, even if the President has.

"He's the same yesterday, today and forever and he doesn't evolve," Bishop Angel Nunez said. "And so marriage is still between one man and one woman and so what can I tell you? We're coming and we're coming strong."

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