Colin Farrell wishes for an end to anti-gay bullying

Fri. March 9, 2012 9:08 AM by

Actor Colin Farrell has backed an anti-gay bullying campaign in Ireland.

The 35-year-old Irish-born Farrell released a statement saying he wished for an end to the "appalling brutality that plagues our schools."

"If there was one great wish I have for my country – for the land that I love and a people I so revere, it would be that school bullying were a thing of our past."

Farrell, whose brother, Eamon, was bullied because he's gay, has endorsed the Stand Up! campaign, which aims to end homophobia in schools.

"In effect, bullying is no less than the systematic doling out of pain upon the innocent," Farrell wrote.

"Whether it be the attacking of gay students, which I witnessed first hand happening to my own brother, or students who are in the minority as a result of race or religious beliefs or any other such characteristics that separates them from 'the norm,' it is all wrong and has no place in a just and compassionate country such as I know Ireland to be. We have always been praised as being the friendliest and most welcoming race in the world. My wish is for us to prove it daily, in the school yards and playgrounds across this Great Land of Ours."

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