Marcus Bachmann tells gay activist to pay up

Thu. November 17, 2011 12:38 AM by News Staff

dr. marcus bachmann with his wife michele bachmann

Truth Wins Out calls on Bachmann to stop “petty and vindictive” threats

Dr. Marcus Bachmann, the husband of GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, has sent a $150 bill to the gay rights activist who revealed the anti-gay therapies being performed at his Minnesota-based Christian counseling clinic.

In July, activist John Becker from Truth Wins Out (TWO), a non-profit organization that fights anti-gay extremism, went undercover to expose Bachmann & Associates for practicing "pray away the gay" or reparative therapy.

Now the organization says Bachmann personally called them to demand $150 for cancelled July sessions.

"I cancelled my remaining appointments in compliance with Bachmann & Associates' stated procedure," said Becker, who is the Director of Communications and Development for Truth Wins Out.

Becker said Bachmann called him personally and threatened to send the fraudulent bill to a collection agency by Friday.

"I find it odd that Bachmann handled this matter personally rather than through his billing department," he noted.

Bachmann continues to deny that his clinic participates in the discredited anti-gay therapy despite the undercover video collected by Becker and his organization.

"Truth Wins Out refuses to be intimidated or blackmailed by Bachmann," said TWO Executive Director Wayne Bensen."This bogus bill will not be paid."

The TWO investigation made national headlines over the summer and prompted questions of Michele Bachmann about her husband's clinic. Bachmann's presidential campaign has since dropped in the polls and she now trails most of the other Republican presidential hopefuls.