Steven Davies says the time was right for coming out gay

Mon. March 7, 2011 5:52 AM by

English cricketer Steven Michael Davies says the time was right for him to come out gay.

The 24-year-old Davies became the first professional cricketer – and one of only a handful of professional athletes that have come out gay during their careers – to publicly out himself.

In an interview last Sunday with UK paper the Daily Telegraph, Davies announced he's gay.

He told the paper that he had the complete support of his family, who learned he was gay five years ago, and has received nothing but support from fellow team-mates.

Davies added that he was inspired to come out by Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas, who came out gay nearly two years ago.

"Gareth Thomas' story helped me," Davies said. "It just showed me it can be done. He was brave enough to stand up and say who he was."

In a new interview with CNN, Davies said he hasn't received any negative feedback to his announcement.

"So far, so good," he said. "Like I said, I'm very grateful, and I've got to thank those people who have shown their support."

"The time was right for me," he added. "I'm really relieved to get it off my chest."

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