Gay Nascar fans find support on 'Queers4Gears'

Mon. November 15, 2010 8:37 AM by News Staff

photo credit // queers4gears
Las Vegas - "Gay Nascar fan." As it turns out, that's not an oxymoron, thanks to the efforts of Michael Myers, the founder of Queers4Gears.

The car racing website was featured in the Sunday New York Times.

Myers grew up in the South, but didn't become a race car fan until he grew up. Now, he said that it's easier to be an out gay man at a racetrack than it is to be an out Nascar fan at a gay bar.

"Nascar has more fans who are accepting of me being gay than gays have been accepting of me being a Nascar fan," he told the paper.

Myers recently organized the first LGBT ticket discount day ever held at a Nascar event.

The article included a couple stilted quotes from Nascar spokespeople. They seem welcoming enough, but perhaps a little stumped.

"Nascar is a sport open to everyone, and we market it very broadly, as opposed to specific demographic segments," Andrew Giangola told the NY Times.