Chicago mayoral candidate Hendon won't apologize for calling Brady a 'homophobe'

Tue. October 26, 2010 11:41 PM by News Staff

Chicago, IL - Chicago mayoral candidate Rickey Hendon said he won't apologize for calling Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady a homophobe.

Hendon and Brady have served in the Illinois State Senate together for more than a decade.

"I've never served with a more idiotic, racist, sexist homophobic person in my life," Hendon said during a Democratic get-out-the-vote rally in Chicago on Sunday.

On Monday, Hendon said he regretted offending the public, but wouldn't apologize to Brady.

"Rickey Hendon knows better," Brady told FOX Chicago News. "It's disappointing that Pat Quinn is letting his campaign go this way. We know they're desperate."

Democratic candidate and incumbent Pat Quinn was indeed at the rally where Hendon attacked Brady, but he said later he didn't condone that kind of language.

"I don't associate myself with those comments," Quinn said. "Everyone knows who I am, I believe in civility."